Scene summarys: Scene 1 In this scene, everyone is gathering due to the death of Pompey. However some people like the cobbler are really there to earn money by fixing shoes. The guards are upset of the death and are angry with the people. Scene 2 Caesar is first introduced. He meets a soothsayer who […]

Skulduggery Pleasant: The author of this book is called Derek Landy. The book, Skulduggery Pleasant is a thriller adventure type book with constant suspense, characters and adventures. You are always wanting to turn the page but more tension builds. Join the adventure that  Skulduggery and a girl called Stephanie Edgley take you on. Stephanie, a […]

simple: ‘that ever lived in the tide of times’  this sentences is showing how important Caesar is to Anthony. The tide of times means streams of history and that ever lived means that Anthony is comparing him to the greatest part of history that ever lived. Compound: ‘That I am meek and gentle with these […]

Science homework: 7. I think that geothermal energy is most suitable for heating a house as the heat is clean and long lasting. Furthermore it can be found merely meters beneath the ground . For running a car I think kinetic energy would be best because it would allow the car to keep moving. I […]

Scene 1 summary: In this scene Caesar is returning from a war and people are celebrating. However the guards are questioning some people such as the cobbler who is really there to fix people’s shoes and earn money not to pay respect to Caesar ‘truly, sir, to wear out their shoes, to get myself more […]

“Despite presenting Richard as a villain, Shakespeare allows him to dominate the play. ‘To what extent do you agree with this’”   Richard is a mean and evil character but manipulates and intimidates others to get them to like him. Throughout the play he does not get caught for his bad deeds, until the end. I […]

plan: -1st text -2nd text -how they’re different -what makes it different The first text is a action adventure book called Scream Street. In this book it explores a world were the people living in it are things from ghosts to vampires. Everybody lives their usual lives until one day a boy, Luke Watson, an […]

Dear Mr. Dastagir, The reason that I am writing to you today is because I would like to inform you about the poor quality of the physical activity facilities in our school. As a sports school, it is important our resources are of a high standard; I feel we need to accumulate funding in order to […]

Dear mr dastagir Inroduce myself Point including What it is, what it means, racism and insults compared to sorry How it is being handled Thank you for listening  

Say the bad things of the opposite point of view                                                               figurative language                         […]